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Hazelcast provides a software platform that lets CTOs and their application development teams
build real-time applications that take action on data immediately via stream processing
capabilities. Hazelcast offers architectural simplicity, ultra-fast performance, and mission-critical

Who is Hazelcast?

Hazelcast is a software company that offers a real-time stream processing platform that lets you
take immediate action on recently created data. The Hazelcast Platform processes real-time
data to instantly deliver business actions like alerts, offers, recommendations, and fraud
The demand for instant gratification continues to grow across the world. All types of customers,
consumers, internal end-users, etc., don’t want to wait. In many cases, they cannot wait.
Our software lets you easily build and deploy applications within your existing infrastructure that
remove the bottlenecks that cause unnecessary waiting times. And we do that with reliability
and security your production deployments need.
Learn about why the biggest brands in the world trust their data-driven operations with our
technology. Check us out at:

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