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With 1,300 members and growing, join one of the biggest communities of CTOs and Technology Leaders, to learn, share and network with others through our Slack group or at our regular roundtables and events. The community is 100% free to join for CTOs and Aspiring CTOs, whether you're based in London or beyond.

A 12 year old community & resource hub for modern CTOs

Joining the London CTOs is a great way to meet and build connections with many of the brightest CTOs in the industry to make sure you keep in touch with the latest market trends.

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What Is The London CTOs?

The London CTOs is a community founded in 2010, organised by RecWorks. We organise regular events across a variety of formats including virtual and fully catered in-person events. We also have a Slack group and YouTube channel and operate a free CTO mentor introduction service.

Why Join London CTOs?

There are many reasons that our members join and get involved with the London CTOs. The most common one is to meet other CTOs to share stories and challenges with, we all know how lonely it is at the top. 

But you can also learn about technologies and market trends from our presentations. Share your own stories and opinions in our roundtables or engage with a mentor. All free as part of joining the community.


How to Maintain Quality While Scaling Agile Development Teams

Our panel of experts will explore the real-world challenges and solutions in forming, norming, and performing with cross-functional engineering teams. We'll discuss strategies and tactics for rapidly scaling agile teams while maintaining high quality. We'll also explore the role of product owners and product managers on agile teams, including the pros and cons of outsourcing the product manager role. Panelists: Ryan Townsend - Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Shift Commerce Ryan is a product-focused leader who has 20 years of experience in the technology industry—primarily in web, eCommerce and startups—with the most recent 8 years as CTO of a SaaS startup he co-founded and grew to over £5m in annual revenue, while working with clients from under £1m to over £200m in annual online revenue. As a Fractional CTO, he advises startups, scaleups and established SMBs/enterprises on business/technology strategy, product development, growing teams and implementing software engineering best practices – for more detail, see Nick Westall - CTO & Founder, Protagonistech Ltd Nick’s three decades in B2B tech for private equity, enterprise and listed companies has seen him lead 10 tech & service M&A’s, turnarounds and rescues, strategy creation and realignment, ground-up strategic transformations, create managed service organisations from scratch, and seen him chased by stampeding cows. Today he provides fractional and interim CTO services for mid-market, scale-ups and start-ups, alongside sales enablement on steroids,and leadership coaching. Fiona Hobbs - Chief Technology Officer at 3t Transform Fiona has over 20 years of experience in software development, focusing on Enterprise Architecture and leading/building both product and engineering functions. She has a proven track record of successful cloud migrations and business agility transformations in both public and private sectors. As a STEM ambassador, Fiona also dedicates time to promoting STEM education and careers. John Miniati - Director of Product Management at Forte Group I'm a growth product manager, responsible for $500+M in new revenue streams over 15+ years from dozens of products. I lead teams of 6-60, to solve complex new market problems from concept to launch, and (re)build product teams and agile processes. Player-coach agile management expertise in B2B SaaS, B2C mobile, HR software, analytics/ML and e-learning. My full-stack skills include Scrum, Roadmap/ Strategy, Lean UX Design, OKR, Requirements/ Storytelling, Communication, and Cross-Functional Management. This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London CTOs. This event is sponsored by Forte Group. RecWorks are the creators of many groups and communities including Meet-a-Mentor a free slack group that introduces aspiring CTOs to experienced CTOs, as well as more junior developers - 3000 introductions made and counting! They also founded one of the largest Java User Groups in Europe - the 8000+ strong London Java Community. They are a community-driven recruitment agency focussing on tech placements in London. London CTOs are a 10-year old London based CTO community with over 1200 members.









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