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LCTOs: The Influential CTO: Empowering Leadership Teams

In the latest London CTOs Roundtable, The Influential CTO: Empowering Leadership Teams session, we were joined by Johnson Noel, Alex McLintock, Mark van Harmelen, Mark Vedel, Sheetal Thaker, Can Huzmeli, Derrick Gidzi, Ankur Bhatia, Alessio Ricco, Barry Cranford and others. Together they discussed how CTOs can effectively exert influence within leadership teams and contribute to the overall success of the organisation

Key themes:

  • Strategic alignment

  • Innovation and technology trends

  • Effective communication and collaboration

  • Cross-functional partnerships

  • Building a technology-driven culture

Check out the discussion here:

Thank you to everybody for joining in on the call and for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Much appreciated.

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