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Develop Your Team Strategically VS Expanding to Meet a Delivery Commitment(Event May 2022)

Check out this video from the vault from an event we ran in May 2022.

Here is the original synopsis:

About this event

It's a common dilemma in leadership: everyone wants to develop their team organically and ensure each team member has a career path, can leverage all opportunities to grow and any disruption is minimised along the way. Unfortunately, more often leaders have to add new resources under pressure to deliver against a new objective. This robs them of opportunities to do justice to their people.

• What we're missing out on when this happens • How often and how we can fight back

Join us as our panellists discuss and try to solve this dilemma.

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London CTO's.

Lohika are sponsors of the London CTO Community.

RecWorks are the creators of many groups and communities including Meet-a-Mentor a free slack group that introduces aspiring CTOs to experienced CTOs, as well as more junior developers - 3000 introductions made and counting! They also founded one of the largest Java User Groups in Europe - the 8000+ strong London Java Community. They are a community-driven recruitment agency focussing on tech placements in London.

London CTOs are a 10-year old London based CTO community with over 1200 members.

CTO Craft are a global CTO Community, they run virtual events, mentoring groups, conferences and have a wide array of other options for CTOs looking to improve.

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